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serious stories about the plight of endangered animals

Animal Stories... by students
from around the world

Student Stories
Hi... we will create links to stories, fables or poems by students from around the world and we would like to invite you to share your animal stories, fables or poems with us. To read the stories, fables or poems of students around the world... click on the links below. Important... new additions will be added frequently at the top of the lists, so keep checking this page! Send your story to ; you also can use the online form which we added on the "Send your story to us" page. 
Hey, do you need some inspiration???
Click here for our Online Story Starter Service... ;-) . Create the beginning of a story by just filling in some details and let the computer compose the beginning of your story... just for inspiration.

Animal Stories

(Chelsea - Alma public - Nebraska, USA)

The Tiger Gang Mysteries books
(Rescue - Obidience School - U.S.A.

(saskia - mondriaan school - Holland)

My dog Babygirl
(Aly - crosby ironton high school - ironton - USA)

(Railey - Mooroopna North Primary School - Australia)

Goede vrienden
(Valérie/ Sofia/ Fleur - Holland)

Tim op Apeneiland
(Marije - Bornego College - Holland)

(Randi-Lea - St.Andrews - Canada)

(Debbie - Zionsville Middle School - USA)

De Panda
(hillary en kelly - Holland)

(Tirza - dr. Plesmanschool - Holland)

Dog Book
(Stacie - Evergreen Elem. school - USA)

My Trip to Mars
(Marissa - Evergreen Elem. school - USA)

The Dragon
(Daniel - Sandgate Primary School - Folkestone)

A fish named Bubbles
(Erica Mercer - Whitbourne Elementary school - Canada)

Mijn hondje Beau
(Chantal - The Netherlands)

Moon Howl
(Nicol - Greenview Elementary - Canada)

About a bear who came to the house
(Alyssa. - St. Pauls - Canada)

Nikita: A true hero
(Tito.S. - Fr. Whelihan Jr. High school - Canada)

Stormy and Sunny
(Calvin - Aldborough p.s. - Canada)

The waiting dog
(Autumn - Tell City Junior High - IN, USA)

Terry the goldfish
(Lauren - Pine Brook School - United States)

My dog Axle
(Raven - Glace Bay Elementary - Canada)

Sirius: A True Animal Hero
(Sarah - CHIJ Toa Payoh - Singapore)

The Gorilla
(Tiffany and Irene - I.S. 318 - u.s.a.)

Several Stories of Fulton Elementary School
(Fulton, MD-USA)

Several Stories of Waipa Primary School in New Zealand 

Rescue Service
(Sarah - Hatfield School - England)

Endangered Animals
Kayla - Garner Elementary - United States)

Cats at the City
(Paul - Methodist School - Malaysia)

I am an Animal Lover
(alison densmore, elizabeth sutherland school, Canada)

Many Stories about Genius the Pigeon
(Grade 2, Ecole Corinthia Park School, Leduc, Alberta, Canada)

Siberian Tiger in need
(Bianca Diaz, Homeschool, USA)

The Setting of the Sun
(by Pralle Kriengwatana,
St. Margaret's School,
Victoria, BC-Canada)

A Whale of a Tale
(by Cynthia Brabson, Indiana University, IN-USA)

Diary Entry of a Rat Named Bella
(by Kate, Iowa Street School, CA-USA)

The Kangaroo Who Was Named Mischief
(Eleanor -age 7-, Isaac Paine Elementary School, Foster, R.I.)

Buster's Bad Day
(Autumn - Cannelton Elem., IN-USA)

Pamela's journey home
(Pascale and Tamsyn - Micklefield Elementary, Cape Town, SA)

Kesha, the Siberian Tiger
(Bianca Diaz - Homeschool - USA)

The Funky Funks
(Autumn - Cannelton Elem., IN-USA)

De Eend zonder snavel
The duck without beak

(waargebeurd / true story)
(Rianne - De Heemlanden - Netherlands)

Eleanor and the Wishing Stone
(Lauren White and students from St Andrews College and DSG)

A Day in the life of Sugar, Lucky, and Duke
(Nathan, Tell City JR. High - IN-USA)

The Bald Eagles
(By Laura - grade 5 - Cannelton elem., IN-USA)

Wolf the Shaggy Dog
(by Autumn - Cannelton elem., IN-USA)

Stripes, the three-legged cat
(by Julie, Tell City JR. High - IN-USA)

Lucky the Hound Dog
(Nathan, Tell City JR. High - IN-USA)

The Bat Who Forgot
(Brittany W. - Cannelton Elem. IN-USA)

My Life As A Dog
(Amanda - Cannelton Elem. IN-USA)

(Emma, Isaac Paine Elementary School, Foster, R.I. )

Monster Stories
(students from Cannelton & De Wadden)

more will be added


Yes! Students of primary school De Wadden and from Cannelton Elementary School did an amazing discovery: they found new animals!
to read their wonderful stories

more will be added


Student Stories

Stories written by Charlene
Mallet School - USA
Charlene wrote many stories for our project. So we decided to honor her with a special link page to her stories. Enjoy! 

more will be added


Nature Poems

Bescherm de bossen
(Gitta - Uithoorn  - The Netherlands)

De Herfst
(The Autumn)
(Robin Daems
Vrije Sint Lambertusschool - Belgium)

more will be added


Animal Fables

6 Animal Fables
(written by students of Miss Whittle, 3rd grade teacher, McSweeny Elementary
- USA)

Croxi and the Hedgehog
(Marjon, Maartje and Juliette - primary school De Wadden - Holland) 

Wolf Gang Ammidais
(Erin Larson - Elm Creek Elementary, USA

A Dog Tale
(Tori McCArthy, Adams Elementary, USA)

16 great stories
(students of Breckinridge Elementary School)

16 beautiful Animal Stories
(students of Charles N. Fortes Magnet Academy)

more will be added


Animal Wishes

If I were an animal...
(students' wishes of Mrs. Joan Goble's third grade, Cannelton Elem., IN-USA)

more will be added


Animal Project

If I could be an animal...
(26 short stories of students Varner Elementary -
Powder Springs, Georgia, USA)

Animals Unite
Students of Mrs. Goble designed a website about 7 endangered animals and included nice puzzles
(Cannelton, IN-US)

Mystery Rock project
(2nd graders at Atchison Elementary School - Kansas)

Several stories
(Students of Bridges Language and Educational Technology Center
Buenos Aires - Argentina)

more will be added

Students of De Wadden wrote stories in the writing contest.. the winner can come with Mr. Rene to Washington DC in April 2001 to receive the Childnet Award for Animal Diaries. Click here to read the stories and poems and view their drawings.

Animal Poems

Dieren in nood
(renske - bei de ling - nederland)

(kelsey - locust - USA)

Dieren zijn lief
(nienke - de drie dorpen - Netherlands

(arno van dongen - markenhage - Netherlands) 

(amylou and kelly - rockingham elementary school - england

(floor - j.v.d. hoevenschool - nederland)

Meer natuur
(Daphne - J.C. van Gent - Nederland)

(henrike hardeman - van lodenstijn college kesteren - Holland)

(Kim - Sint-Catharina college - Belgium)

De Mier
(Kim - inspekteur amerika school- Holland)

De Vos
(Lopke - Holland)

Bedreigde diersoorten
(Jitske - Holland)

Animals are nice
(Thea - St.Joseph - Malta)

(j'nae saunders - whalley range high school - united kingdom)

Vleermuizen (Bats)
(Eline  - De Lichtstraal - The Netherlands)

(Steve Heffernan - Australia)

Dierenliefde kent geen grenzen
(o.b.s. de meander - The Netherlands))

Endangered species
(Tom Wilson - Kawana state high school - Australia)

The wild brumby
(Sarah Pang Pei Wen
 - CHIJ Toa Payoh - Singapore)

Animal Poems, made by students of Cannelton Elementary School

Poem from a dog
(Chichi, I.S.318, USA) 

several Poems from Micklefield Elem. School, South Africa

We are friends
(Brianna, Harrison Hill
School - U.S.A

Go, go, go
(Elle, L.S.S., Australia)

Several poems 
(students of Bright Star Academy - Texas homeschool USA)

The Cow
(Isabella, Walford, Australia)

Roses & Manatees
(James Kruk, Lincoln School, USA)

The Blackbird
(By Katriona, St Johns Ps, Tynan)

(By Taylor, Clarksburg Elementary, Missouri, USA)

(By Kayla, Clarksburg Elementary, Missouri, USA)

Eagle - Oh Eagle
(By Travis - grade 5 Cannelton Elem. School, IN-USA)

Batty flies again
(By: Felicia and Kara - Cannelton Elementary, IN-USA)

(By: Lisa - Cannelton Elementary, IN-USA)

Poleon the Bear & Scott the Shark
(by Mary and Scot - Hebron Elementary, IN-USA)

Little Fish
(By Jody - Inter-Island Academy, Canada)

The Macaw, the Chimpanzee
and the Cheetah

(three poems by students Stirling primary school - East London - South Africa)

The mean guy
(poem by Megan, Middle School, Maryland)

Peace is in our Hands
(several poems by students of
St. Augustine's RC primary school,
Nottingham, UK)

Three poems from Students #1
Cannelton Elem., IN-USA

Three poems from Students #2
Cannelton Elem., IN-USA

Seven poems from Students #3
Cannelton Elem., IN-USA

Four poems from Students #4
Cannelton Elem., IN-USA

Animal Day 4 Oct. 2000
96 poems from students grade 6 De Wadden - The Netherlands

My Gerbil
(Christy - st. Margaret's School - Canada)

(Ali - st. Margaret's School - Canada)

more will be added


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