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For Teachers and Parents: the purpose of this project

For Teachers and Parents:
The Purpose of this Project


*** January - February 2007 **

Animal Diaries - A Website for Student Authors

Hosted by:
Rene de Vries, teacher at De Wadden School in Haarlem, The Netherlands
and Joan Goble, teacher at Cannelton Elementary School in Cannelton, Indiana USA


Volume 52 - January - February 2007
We hope you are having a great start to a new year!
We have a few Animal Diaries news items to share with you and some book news too.

Cannelton Elementary in Indiana USA, De Wadden Primary School in Haarlem of The Netherlands, and Miyashiro Elem. of Gifu-ken in Japan have exchanged travel buddies! Our three schools decided to create a "Friendship" Project. Our six travel buddies are "hosting" a website to share their experiences with their host schools.  The beginning of this website can be found at:
The buddies are learning about the holidays, ceremonies, and other cultural events of their host countries. It should be an educational experience for all! We invite you to visit it often to see updates and find out what the travel buddies are learning and experiencing while visiting each other.
Animal Diaries has a progressive stories section that we would like to invite you to join. We have several stories that your class could contribute chapters to. One of those stories is about a real-life elephant named Bunny. She is an Asian elephant who lived at the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana for many years. Then she developed foot problems and needed to have special medical treatment. As it turned out Bunny was sent to a special place that was perfect for her and other elephants in need of a safe place to live and recuperate. She was sent to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Ever since then she has lived a happy and healthy life in the company of other elephants. In fact, these other elephants are like family to her!
In 2000 Cannelton Elementary students started a progressive story about Bunny and now it has several chapters. You can read this progressive story and all of the other progressive stories of Animal Diaries at
A new book for Bunny was started recently by Cannelton and these students wish to invite your class to add to it! If you are interested in doing so, please write to Mrs. Goble's class at: and write "Bunny Chapter" in the subject to let us know that you are wanting to add a chapter to this or any other progressive story. We will be happy to add your chapter to Bunny's story! We suggest you read the original chapters first, and even visit the Elephant Sanctuary to find out more about what is really happening there.
You might even decide to "adopt" an elephant from the Elephant Sanctuary, perhaps having a fund raiser to raise money for the care of one of the elephants there. We hope to hear from you soon about this or any of the other progressive stories of Animal Diaries!
Animal Diaries would like to invite all student authors to write about an animal that you know of who has done an extra-ordinary thing! It could be anything from surviving an ordeal to performing unbelievable feats to even rescuing someone from a dangerous situation. If you have a story to write of an extra-ordinary animal please do and send it to us in an e-mail at
If your story is original we will then publish on a special section of Animal Diaries called AMAZING ANIMALS.
To inspire you, you might want to read some already published stories of amazing animals such as Baby Whale Rescue written by Carolyn Arnold about J.J. the baby whale, or Travels With Tara written by Carol Buckley about Tara the elephant who was one of the first elephants to live at The Elephant Sanctuary.
So, let's share with each other about how amazing animals can be! 
That is all we have for now. We hope to hear from you all soon!
Keep sending us your wonderful photos, drawings, and stories!

Joan Goble and René de Vries
Animal Diaries 

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