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the purpose of this project

The Purpose of this Project


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live as the elephant does in the African tundra?  What about what happens when a polar bear dives into the icy water?  What is the butterfly thinking about as it flutters to and fro... and where is it flying to ?  Why does the ostrich hide its head? 
Come with us on a journey into the world of animals.  We will join them in their homelands- their habitats around the globe.  We need to hear from the animals of the earth.   If the eagle or the snake or the wolf were to write about their day... what would they have to say? 
We need your help though... because many of their stories have yet to be told!  
We invite you to write about animals... animal diaries!
What is a diary?  It is a story about you... telling what adventures you have had in a day or a week or a month or more.  You can tell the story of animals in the same way, by putting yourself in the animals place... write about the animal from that animal's point of view.  If you need some inspiration or you want to learn more about certain animals... then you can do one of several things first:

  1. Read over the animal reports found on our website TENAN:  The ENdangered ANimals of the World ( )  to find out about certain animals' lives, their habitats, their food, etc.
  2. Visit your local library and read books about the animal or animals you wish to write about.  You may also wish to write a report to go along with your story which could be added to the reports of TENAN.
  3. Go to the websites of our featured children's book authors and illustrators...
    We have links to many authors websites.  You can even write to many of them for inspiration or help.  The list is still growing; you can nominate writers / illustrators and we will contact them to ask them if they want to be placed on our list. Keep checking these pages!

Click here to see the Award Ceremony in Washington DC

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